Rethinking Legal Services

Who We Are

Rostam is a team of lawyers, paralegals, accountants, and project management professionals, a team that leverages technology to serve companies and individuals. We implement real life solutions for legal or project management problems by offering multidisciplinary professionals remotely or onsite, through our two forms of engagement.

Rostam law is a virtual general practice law firm. This means we provide experienced attorneys that fit most legal needs without the unwanted accouterments of traditional law firms. Specifically, we do not provide our attorneys with mandatory salaries and offices. Instead, our attorneys work remotely or at the client’s office, and are only paid when actually providing legal services. This is a manifestation of our dedication to a lean structure.

Rostam’s knack for technology also allows us to be client focused. Rostam provides our clients with, the option, to use a “cloud based” portal to access their documents at anytime, wherever they have internet access. Rostam’s use of the cloud is a prime example of how leveraging technology can improve sustainability while enhancing client satisfaction.

Rostam Law successfully obtained a favorable settlement for a client seeking to modify his grandmother’s multi-million dollar irrevocable trust in an effort to add his two children as beneficiaries. As part of the settlement, the client’s two children will immediately be added as beneficiaries to the trust, and also receive over $260,000 in order to equalize all distributions made to the beneficiaries of the same trust.

Satisfied Client