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Motorcyclists often enjoy the beautiful weather and scenic roads in Southern California by spending a day on their motorcycle. Others appreciate the ease of commuting on a motorcycle and the great gas mileage. For this reason, it’s common to see motorcycles on the highways and smaller streets around Los Angeles and San Diego. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and when a motorcycle is involved, the damage can be serious or even fatal. You should discuss your injuries with our motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles or San Diego right away.

How an Attorney Can Help

After an accident, things can become complicated quickly. Those who are missing time from work due to their injuries often feel the stress of lost wages. When you add in multiple doctors appointments, medical bills, and potential lack of mobility, the situation can seem even more challenging. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help to:

  • Deal with the insurance companies
  • Work to establish the liable party
  • Collect relevant documentation
  • Follow up with witnesses to gather testimony
  • Outline the value of your claim
  • Fight for fair compensation

When you’re trying to recover from a serious motorcycle accident, the last thing you want to think about is going back and forth with the insurance companies. At Rostam Law, our Los Angeles and San Diego motorcycle accident attorneys are ready to stand up and advocate for your right to just compensation. When another party is at fault for the accident, you shouldn’t have to shoulder all of the financial expense of your injuries.

Review the Details of Your Situation With a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles or San Diego

When you’re dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, the entire process can quickly begin to feel overwhelming. The team of attorneys at Rostam Law can help guide you through this tough situation. We have years of experience working with motorcycle accident victims in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas and are here to support you. Call us today at 888.416.5006 to schedule your free initial consultation.