Your business may be entitled to rebates for workers’ compensation insurance paid!
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We obtain rebates on behalf of companies for excessive workers' compensation insurance

California workers’ compensation insurance premiums are rising. Companies are rarely taking advantage of exercising their rights in obtaining rebates for the workers’ compensation insurance premiums paid.

Are you insured with State Compensation Insurance Fund? You may have paid excessive premium surcharges.
·         We obtain rebates on behalf of companies that paid excessive workers’ compensation insurance premiums.
·         We are only paid a fee if we obtain recovery
·         We have obtained significant rebates on behalf of businesses
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California workers’ compensation premium calculations are complex, however, there are a few areas that companies can contest in regards to certain surcharges that are applied. In some cases, insurer’s surcharges are in violation of their own rating methodology submitted to the California Insurance Commissioner. It is encouraged that businesses have an experience insurance litigation attorney review their policy documents to evaluate whether they are entitled to rebates for excessive premiums.