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Ride-sharing services have become a popular way of travel. In Los Angeles and San Diego, people will often opt to hire a Lyft instead of driving themselves to dinner, the airport, or even just around town to meet up with friends. It’s a convenient way to avoid parking and to protect yourself from a potential DUI. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen, even when you’re riding in a car with an experienced Lyft driver.  Having an experienced Lyft accident lawyer can make all the difference.

The team of attorneys at Rostam Law has seen the devastating consequences of a Lyft accident, and we are determined to advocate for the rights of our clients. Determining liability for a Lyft accident can be tricky. Often, the insurance companies will attempt to debate who should provide coverage, which can delay the claims process. Our Lyft accident lawyers in Los Angeles and San Diego work with our clients to understand their situation and help expedite the process.

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Injured While Riding in a Lyft

The aftermath of a Lyft accident can result in serious injuries. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to understand the steps to take.

  • Contact the police to file an official accident report
  • Seek medical attention (even if you don’t believe your injuries are serious as they may evolve over the next few days)
  • Collect documentation of the accident
  • Call a skilled attorney

Contact a Lyft Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles or San Diego to Review Your Situation

If you’ve been hurt while riding in a Lyft, it’s essential to understand your options for recovering damages. Dealing with insurance companies can become complicated quickly. You need an advocate on your side. At Rostam Law, our skilled Los Angeles and San Diego Lyft accident attorneys will work with you through the entire claims process. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation by calling 888.416.5006