Who We Are

Rostam law is a virtual general law firm with offices in San Diego and Los Angeles. This means we provide experienced attorneys that fit most legal needs without the unwanted accouterments of traditional law firms. Specifically, we do not provide our attorneys with mandatory salaries and offices. Instead, our attorneys work remotely or at the client’s office, and are only paid when actually providing legal services. This is a manifestation of our dedication to a lean structure.

Rostam’s knack for technology also allows us to be client focused. Rostam provides our clients with, the option, to use a “cloud based” portal to access their documents at anytime, wherever they have internet access. Rostam’s use of the cloud is a prime example of how leveraging technology can improve sustainability while enhancing client satisfaction.

Rostam understands that each business and individual’s legal needs are distinct. Therefore, it is not enough to simply provide an experienced attorney; let Rostam use its knowledge to bring predictability to your budget. Rostam encourages alternative fee arrangements, and creates custom arrangements tailored to each client’s circumstances.

Finally, as lawyers we understand that we have a heightened duty to Charity and the Environment. In an effort to fulfill these duties, Rostam donates 10% of its profits to reputable charities.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Rostam’s fee arrangements are the new paradigm for legal billing. Fee arrangements are customized according to each client’s distinct matter and preferences. Alternatively, Rostam offers standard hourly rates. The alternative arrangements can be broken down into several types such as a the Pure Contingency Fee, Partial Contingency Fee, Fixed Fee, Holdback/Success Fee, and other arrangements. However Rostam is not limited by these categories and is eager to create hybrid arrangements based on client concerns.

Pure Contingency Fee

Pure contingency fee arrangements are traditional arrangements in which we receive a fixed or scaled percentage of recoveries from a client’s lawsuit. These arrangements are often appropriate when the client has limited resources to finance its litigation.

Partial Contingency Fee

Partial contingency fee arrangements are arrangements in which we receive a discounted portion of our hourly rates plus a smaller percentage of any recoveries or outcome in a client’s matter.

Fixed Fee or Flat Fee

Fixed of flat fee arrangements are arrangements in which we agree to handle a client’s matter for a lump sum or a fixed monthly rate. These arrangements are often appropriate when the client desires to obtain more certainty with their legal budgets. The nature of the fixed or flat fee arrangement can be tailored to fit any given client matter.

Holdback or Success Fee

Holdback or Success Fee arrangements are arrangements in which we are paid a portion of fees up front, with a portion withheld contingent upon the success of a matter. This fee structure is a great example of how we are able to minimize the legal and outcome risks for our clients.

Other arrangements

We are not limited to any set of arrangements and are amendable to negotiate a fee arrangement that are customized to fit the client’s needs. For example, we offer multiple matter arrangements in which we utilize differing fee arrangements based on the matter type.

Charity Commitment

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Rostam understands that businesses are inevitably linked to the communities in which they operate. The people and animals within a community are the true catalysts for business success. That is why we have committed to donate 10% of our profits to charity. This is the least we can do to give back to society as a business. In the long term Rostam hopes to create a nonprofit, funded by this commitment to charity, charged with improving quality of life through a focus on health and education.

Pro Bono

Part of the Rostam culture is to act as quasi-public servants in the representation of the underprivileged, oppressed, and defenseless. Rostam extents a requirement of the California attorney oath to all its attorneys: never to reject, for any consideration personal to himself or herself, the cause of the defenseless or the oppressed. Rostam seeks to ingrain this duty into the minds of our lawyers. We encourage our lawyers to accept pro bono representation whenever the opportunity presents itself. In fact, Rostam mandates that its attorneys satisfy any aspirational pro bono commitment in the states they are licensed to practice.

Enviornmental Initiative

Businesses rely on the environment in which they operate. We understand the importance of the environment to Rostam’s success. We therefore work to eliminate our emissions footprint by limiting emission causing activities and also purchasing carbon offsets or utilizing alternative energy sources.

Paperless Firm

Rostam is nearly a paperless firm. We have successfully implemented a secure “cloud based” file management portal for all documents. In addition, clients have access to this portal in order to view all documents related to their matters, if they so choose.

Benefit Corporation

Rostam is actively pursuing certification as a B Corporation, and registration where possible. The duties of directors and officers should always extend to society and the environment rather than solely shareholders.