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Dangerous Product Watch: Do You have an Inclined Infant Sleeper in Your Home?

February 11th, 2020 | By

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When new infant products come on the market that might make a parent’s life easier, many parents are willing to give them a try. This was the case with inclined baby sleepers, such as Fisher-Price’s Rock ‘n Play, that helped babies sleep easier and longer, and many companies began offering similar sleepers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) began receiving reports that infants were passing away in the sleepers, though the agency initially blamed the matter on parents who failed to properly strap in their infants. Over time, the number of reported deaths reached 59, and Fisher-Price (and other companies) issued a recall of this type of inclined sleeper product.

Officials Should Have Listened to Warnings

Many infant safety advocates and pediatricians warned companies, agencies, and parents about the foreseeable risks of inclined sleepers for years, to no avail. The specific risk noted was that babies can roll over in the sleeper and can suffocate. Reports have also indicated that companies like Fisher-Price failed to conduct safety tests on the popular sleeper that would have revealed this safety hazard, even as babies began to pass away.

Now, companies have recalled these inclined sleepers, and the CPSC is recommending that no parents use them anymore. As of this time, no inclined sleepers previously on the market were found to be safe. If you have an inclined sleeper, discontinue use immediately. If your baby has been harmed or tragically passed away due to an inclined sleeper or another product, discuss your rights with a compassionate attorney.

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